The entire Fast Casual & QSR industry is in the Midst of a Digital Transformation.

Restaurant apps have raised the bar of users’ expectations. A flashy new website will no longer cut it.

A great way to look at it is like this:

Your mobile app is your #1 employee.

Your customers interact with your app more than all of your in-store employees combined. In many ways, it operates as the face of your restaurant.

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As a result, restaurants realize the long-term value and benefits of investing in their own brand’s mobile app.

Whether you’re a fast-casual, a QSR, or even a sit-down restaurant, having a reliable, time-saving mobile ordering experience and a rewarding loyalty program are a must these days.

Your customers interact with your app more than all of your in-store employees combined. In many ways, it operates as the face of your restaurant. So, wouldn’t you want to make sure that it’s doing everything correctly — offering promotions, offering customized orders, and smoothly processing a transaction with no hiccups?

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“Thanks to Blue Label Labs, we exceeded our goals for revenue by nearly 40% since launch.”

Austin Fogt

Founder @ Cirque Coffee

The typical evolution for mobile apps for restaurants of all sizes.

While an off-the-shelf app from a loyalty service provider may work for some businesses up to a point, they provide little to no customization. Large chains, in particular, quickly hit the ceiling of what that style of app can offer. However, investing in something more custom allows you to better tell your brand’s story and offer a more advanced user experience — this is particularly useful for chains where menus and promotions may differ from store to store.

Mobile apps evolution

Today’s POS Systems allow for full integration

Mobile apps for restaurants can be designed and developed to retrieve data from POS Systems in real time. This means you can choose to launch a brand new, custom-built mobile app for your restaurant and still integrate seamlessly with your POS, allowing you to present all your latest prices, menu items, descriptions, photos and more.


Depending on how far along you are in your evolution.

You can still choose to integrate with a loyalty service provider’s rewards program while still offering your own customized user experience. Or, you can choose to follow in the footsteps of companies like Starbucks, Chipotle, and Dominos by creating everything in-house.

Typical Evolution of Restaurant Apps


Fast and affordable but you will be restricted in how your customers can interact with your brand.


A great way to tell your story the way you want without spending Starbucks money.

Full Custom

Like Chipotile & Dunkin, you control the narrative and own the entire customer relationship.


What a Custom App Can Do

Learn how our custom apps help restaurants increase revenue and deliver a better customer experience.

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With their new app, KFT gained control over their entire mobile ordering process. It’s now more closely aligned to an in-store experience than the previous app that cut corners because of technical limitations, ensuring a consistent brand experience regardless of location.

We also built out loyalty integrations into the new KFT app, providing marketing and analytic tools to help further sales goals and encourage repeat customers.

Cirque’s new app features a sleek UX that better matches their brand’s persona than their previous, one-size-fits-all app. This new in-app experience provides customers with a better understanding of Cirque, building brand trust.

Their new app, coupled with their custom admin panel, now allows Cirque to promote and execute loyalty programs quickly and easily. This new flexibility improves customer relations and builds brand loyalty.

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