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A Look Back At What Blue Label Labs Achieved In 2020

| December 29, 2020

Before we sign off for a short time to catch our breaths in preparation of the next year, we want to take a moment to reflect on our accomplishments from 2020. Though COVID-19 tried its best to beat us all down, we’re grateful for the fact that we were able to not only pull through but complete several noteworthy projects for our clients. Most importantly, we’re glad that all our employees and partners remained safe during this trying time.

While the conditions for conducting business changed a lot in the last year, we’re glad that our clients decided to push through and commit to developing their products with our help. Without further ado, please join us as we recap on our biggest wins from 2020.

Blue Label Labs accomplishments from 2020

Throughout the year, we launched several products for clients in a variety of industries. Here are some of our biggest projects from this last year.

We released Tonquin: an on-demand solution for instant auto part delivery

The Tonquin platform aims to solve problems in the auto parts industry by providing an on-demand service designed to inexpensively move stock from point A to point B. By adopting Tonquin, major players in the auto world like Advanced Auto Parts, Napa, Pep Boys, and more enjoying the benefits of being able to quickly move parts between warehouses and storefronts without the costly expense of in-house drivers.

We were nominated for two Webby Awards in Food & Drink and AI for our product, inHouse

Every year, the Webby Awards honors the best-of-the-best on the Internet, giving accolades to digital products from around the world. Our product for inHouse was nominated in the Food and Drink category as well as in the AI category, thanks to the chatbot we developed known as Pepper. Unfortunately, as the goal of inHouse was to foster better relationships between fine-dining establishments and their regulars, the business became a causality of COVID-19 but we’re hoping they can return to normalcy once this pandemic comes to an end.

The Coast to Coast AM was brought to the modern era with a new app

The Coast to Coast AM show came to us to give their digital presence an uplift with a new app for both iOS and Android. Users can take advantage of the app to stream live broadcasts of radio shows as well as access years’ worth of podcasts archived by the platform. As an iHeartMedia media property, this app brings the Coast to Coast AM show into the modern era.

Updates to MagicMoney give users the ability to instantly print their own RFID wristbands

Built on the CloverOS platform, MagicMoney is a ticketless system for events and venues that uses RFID-based bracelets, allowing visitors to access attractions and such with ease. This year, we augmented the platform with new features that securely increases the system’s compatibility with components, allowing buyers to print RFID wristbands rather than purchase them separately.

We made the FT America’s Fastest-Growing Companies of 2020 list

Every year, Financial Times releases a list of the fastest-growing companies for different regions around the world. For the third year in a row, Blue Label Labs ranked among 5000 companies from the Americas by showing yet another year of positive growth.

The bopdrop app we built gives users an in-depth music discovery experience

The bopdrop platform is a social media-like service for iOS that tethers with a user’s Spotify account to provide a unique music discovery experience. One of the most interesting parts of this project is how founder Matt Krause tapped into his network to spread the news of this service, resulting in 2000 downloads from the App Store on launch day, further breaking into the top 200 free apps category its first week. With bopdrop, users can network with others as well as explore the platform to find new music that can be easily added to Spotify playlists.

Sugarmate gives users the ability to track and analyze their diabetes treatment 

The owner of Sugarmate, who has been living with type 1 diabetes most of his life, conjured an idea that would make managing the disease easier with technology. The Sugarmate app, available on iOS, Amazon, and the web, provides analytics for active users that help them better manage their day-to-day diabetes treatment. It also connects with Apple Health via two-way syncing for comprehensive health management.

The Munera platform increase collaboration on public projects

The Munera platform for the web is designed to increase collaboration on large-scale public projects by increasing the visibility of tasks and providing a set of tools for workflow. Public agencies and vendors can use the platform to plugin information and communicate with each other, thus decreasing fragmentation and the problems this creates when working on large, complex projects.

Users can learn all about the works of Sol LeWitt and even scan his real-life works to access more information

The Sol LeWitt app for iOS provides a comprehensive catalog of this renowned 20th-century artist’s works in addition to content that furnishes insights into his process. We used Microsoft Cognitive Services to enhance the app with computer vision, allowing users to scan his real-life works to uncover more information about each piece.

The Delve platform provides unprecedented insights for urban planning

In partnership with Sidewalk Labs (a Google/Alphabet company), Blue Label Labs helped create a powerful platform for urban planning. With this platform, teams can vastly expedite massive projects as well as substantially reduce risks –  Delve uses machine learning (ML) to comprehensively analyze designs and automate the production of unique variations for build sites that capture every little detail of a project. The UK-based real estate developer Quintain successfully used this product to rapidly design an apartment complex in Wembley Park in a remarkably short time as detailed in this case study.

TmrO brings together creative talent and businesses on a secure app

The TmrO platform is a marketplace designed to connect creative professionals with an assortment of projects for different disciplines. Businesses can use this platform to find and book the perfect local or remote freelancer for any kind of project. TmrO also features a payment portal that businesses can use to securely pay contractors as they complete milestones or in a lump sum once a project is completed.

The JAXJOX system elevates home fitness with great hardware and a powerful app for fitness tracking

The JAXJOX home fitness system has been praised by the likes of Forbes, Engadget, Mashable, and CNET, calling it the “next generation of fitness equipment.” We built an integrated system for their unique weight system that provides users with on-demand access to fitness classes and comprehensively tracks their fitness journey. Today, JAXJOX systems can be found in Apple Stores across the US.

See you next year!

At Blue Label Labs, we are eager to see what new challenges and rewarding experiences 2021 will bring for our team. Our accomplishments this year will serve as a reminder for years to come that we have the wherewithal to withstand whatever life throws our way. Feel free to get in touch with us if you’re ready to discuss your idea or sign up below to make sure you don’t miss any of our content.

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