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ArvzApp: Stay Updated On Reno Nightlife

Bobby Gill | December 12, 2018

Finding the best nightlife in Reno, NV just got a lot easier. ArvzApp, released December 2 for Android devices, lets users search for Reno nightlife and dining, add events to calendars, and learn about the latest restaurant promotions or daily specials. It is also ideal for users seeking out family-friendly activities. It is yet another app we at Blue Label Labs are proud to have developed.

This is not the first time we have worked on a project like this. Browse our portfolio, and you’ll find similar event/location-centric apps, along with other examples of mobile app development for local business.

We enjoy working on entertainment app development because the end products offer genuine value to users. Anyone can easily understand how an app that helps users find Reno, Nevada nightlife could be helpful in the right hands.

That doesn’t mean anyone can take that idea and turn it into an app that delivers on its promise. It takes experienced entertainment app development specialists to transform this concept into something users will happily embrace.

How Blue Label Labs Turned the ArvzApp for Reno, Nevada Nightlife Into a Reality

Let us address a question right up front: Don’t apps like Yelp or Google Maps already make finding nightlife in Reno, NV easy?

Not really. At least, not to the same degree that ArvzApp does.

Other Reno nightlife apps may help users find the name of nearby bars or restaurants. They will even provide user reviews. However, they lack certain features that we made sure to include when developing this product to help users find the best nightlife in Reno, NV.

First, we made discovering the ideal venue or event easy by letting users search by name or category. We also included a browse feature for nightlife in Reno, NV.

Quite simply, sometimes you do not know exactly how you want to spend the night. You are more likely to find a unique experience you might not have considered when you have the opportunity to browse your options. Unlike other apps focusing on Reno, Nevada nightlife, users can find events as well.

ArvzApp also gives users a clear sense of whether a particular venue matches their mood. Sometimes you want nightlife in Reno that lets you party with a crowd, and other times you would prefer a more intimate setting.

That is why we also let users view Live Cams from participating venues. This innovative entertainment app development feature helps them save time and money. Instead of wasting hours heading to a bar only to find it is far too crowded for comfort, users can check the spot before heading out. Additionally, ArvzApp helps users save money on the best nightlife in Reno, NV by offering info about timely discounts and promotions.

Our Take on Mobile App Development for Local Business

Features like these ensure our Reno nightlife app stands out when compared to others in the market. They also reflect the Blue Label Labs approach to mobile app development for a local business. In fact, we’re recognized as a top App Design & Development Company on DesignRush.

We start by discussing a client’s idea to ensure we understand what they are trying to achieve. We also consider how to make the app even more valuable to users throughout the development process.

That is a core principle that guides our overall philosophy and what has allowed our entertainment app development services to prosper. An app cannot succeed if it does not impress users. Knowing this, we constantly ask ourselves how we can offer them maximum value before getting started.

We also prioritize effective, brand-appropriate design when involved in mobile app development for local business. A feature-packed app could still make the wrong impression on users if the look of it is cluttered. That is why we emphasize clean visual design while maintaining a client’s local brand identity.

ArvzApp is another well-executed, user-friendly app we are all very proud of that helps connect users with the best nightlife in Reno, NV. If you have a similar idea or want to learn more about our entertainment app development services, get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

Bobby Gill
Co-Founder & Chief Architect at BlueLabel | + posts

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