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BlackBerry10Templates Launches New Products

Bobby Gill | September 13, 2015

Simplify app prototyping with BlackBerry 10 Templates. Quickly and easily design BlackBerry 10 UI themed apps with functional, full-color, interactive mockups – no programming skills necessary. is pleased to introduce a new line of templates that makes designing and prototyping BlackBerry 10 apps quick and easy. Using these templates, anyone with an idea for an app can easily prototype BlackBerry 10 apps using Apple Keynote or Microsoft PowerPoint.

With BlackBerry 10 Templates in their arsenal, anyone with a great idea for a BlackBerry 10 app has the ultimate resource to quickly and easily design stunning, true-to-life app interfaces, without having to know any code or learn complicated design software. “The BlackBerry 10 Templates product line is a collection of composable, vector-based graphics themed in the new BlackBerry 10 UI style. This suite of BlackBerry 10 blueprints simplifies the design process, allowing appsters to instantly create high quality mockups of their apps. If they can use Keynote, Photoshop, or even something as simple as PowerPoint, they can design an app,” said Jordan Gurrieri, the creator of BlackBerry 10 Templates. provides users with a seamless way to create functional UIs and interactive app mockups for clients, demos, and developer requirements. “Design mockups and testing are at the core of successful app development. Now, anyone can easily design BlackBerry 10 apps and test for usability with one incredible tool. They can create full-color BlackBerry 10 app wireframes using a simple template, and do everything from editing text to modifying colors, manipulating components, and even simulating click navigation for the whole BlackBerry 10 experience,” added Mr. Gurrieri.

Each Keynote ($45), PowerPoint ($45), and Keynote + PowerPoint Bundle ($70) package includes free lifetime upgrades and full-featured, fully-customizable templates with everything users need for app-like functionality: over 80 royalty-free icons; a complete suite of buttons and selector controls; system notifications; activity and title bars, including indicator, status, and progress bars; media player controls; full-color home screen with sample Active Frames; grids and lists; BlackBerry 10 UI Patterns for menus, forms, sheets, and settings; full map screen and controls; gesture identifiers; text fields and password boxes; the new BlackBerry 10 keyboard, and more. A Photoshop template package will be available soon. BlackBerry 10 Templates are available for both PC and Mac.

Launched in March 2013, aims to make appsters lives easier by facilitating and expediting the mockup process from start to finish. “We make it easy to design apps, test them, and effortlessly export the prototype when you’re ready for development. App development is our second nature. Rest assured, our templates follow design specifications and UI guidelines set forth by BlackBerry to the highest standards. To ensure our users get nothing less than the best BlackBerry 10 app mockups, we will continuously add new designs and components as part of our free lifetime updates,” said Bobby Gill, founder of Blue Label Labs. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Label Labs, a mobile development lab based in New York City and Seattle. For more information about and its product line, please send email to contact(at)BlackBerry10Templates(dot)com.

Bobby Gill
Co-Founder & Chief Architect at BlueLabel | + posts

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