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How To Create An Awesome Instagram Video About Your App

| February 19, 2014

There’s certainly no right or wrong way to add an Instagram filter to a photo of your lunch, but when it comes to using Instagram as a marketing tool, there are definitely ways that you can make the most of the social media service. Read this post to find out more.

The time is nigh for photographers and videographers to peek out from behind their lenses and proclaim that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words and a thousand dollars too’ for no longer will promo tweets cut it as far as promoting your app via social media goes.

There’s an entire market of potential customers out there looking for a little more substance than the 50th low quality selfie or the 7000th reposted meme. These are the people who may even grace you with 15 seconds worth of their time as they stop scrolling through Instagram to watch your video, but to make a lasting impression after that initial introductory video? That will take effort and you only have one chance to get it right.

1. Font

Your competitor picks Arial and you pick Comic Sans; which app does your demographic flock to? It will matter little if your app is technically superior as on face value alone, the video with the most suitable font, with bold, clear text that isn’t gaudy, will win. Your demographic determines what’s suitable, of course, as an app for businesses might want to switch to Times New Roman and an app with a younger demographic may want to stick to Helvetica. Unless your target audience is Comic Sans enthusiasts, however, Comic Sans is always a no go.

2. Voice Over

Force me to read oodles of specs about your app and it’ll likely send me packing to my bed so I can take a nap. Have someone say it in an enthusiastic voice, however? My attention is all yours. Adding a voice over to your Instagram video not only helps get the information about your app across a lot easier, paired with text (or some sort of graphic) and you will round off a trifecta of learning; as people usually like to take in information by reading it, hearing it or watching/doing it.

3. Screenshots


This point actually encapsulates more than screenshots because if there’s anything duller than an app that I don’t understand, it’s images of the app that are just as enigmatic. Use screenshots or graphics that show off the app’s best features. If your target demo is CEOs who want to save time then showcase the feature that helps them do that best. The effectiveness of marketing is much down to communicating benefits, after all.

4. Humor

Tread lightly with this one because it’s a wooden bridge with no railings; ergo it’s precarious but getting across could be great. Pop culture jokes could resonate amongst many demographics and said by a voice over, they can be highly effective as consumers are more likely to remember the Instagram video that made them laugh than the one that didn’t. There is a place for it but the creator of the video would be wise to pair up with the team’s writer to be on the safe side.

5. Professionalism

Even if your app is a platforming game in which you play a piece of fruit wearing a Hawaiian shirt, professionalism is key. Does your Instagram video look like it was filmed with a high quality camera? Would you be proud to show it off to investors? Are there typos or grammatical errors in the text you’ve included? Make a checklist to be sure.

6. Added Benefits

When in doubt, bribe your audience. It’s worked well for marketers for years. There’s little need to suddenly start giving away the app for free if it’s usually a paid app, but perhaps and incentive scheme such as ‘share the video and get the app for half price’ would work or you could even offer up a discount code at the end of the video.

7. Follow Up Media

So by this point you’ve reeled them in. Perhaps it was the discount you provided or the suitable font that you wowed them with, or maybe they just really like the look of whatever your app was offering, what’s next is one of the most important things about not just marketing an app, but building a business; continue the relationship with the consumer.

Along with the app, it’s important that you encourage them follow your Instagram or Twitter, or like your Facebook page or even sign up to your email newsletter after watching the video as these are likely the same group of people who will spread the word about your app, thus bringing in customers to your recent app and future apps to come as you look to build your digital business.

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