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How To Market Your App With App Store Optimization (ASO)

| September 12, 2017


As society transitions into a mobile first era, developers are beginning to realize a great idea is not enough to elevate their app to “Top Chart” status. The competitive environment of the app stores proves developers need a well-organized marketing strategy to reach users organically and increase downloads. Any developer can have the best app out there, but if no one knows it exists, then the app will not be successful. Luckily there are solutions to maximizing an app’s position in any given market.

Developers do not have to struggle to figure out how to market their app and target their audience. Using App Store Optimization (ASO) as a component of their marketing strategy will help drive visibility and increase conversion through keyword and metadata optimization. ASO is imperative to helping app developers market and advertises their apps to new users.

Define Marketing Objectives

Marketing an app cannot be an afterthought or a one-time effort. It is something that should be initiated right after the app’s conception but before its development. However, before diving head-first into ASO, it is wise to monitor the audience, as well as plan every aspect of the marketing strategy, including the budget.

To carry out an effective marketing campaign, developers must first organize the following necessities:

    1. Understand the current app market
    2. Set a realistic marketing budget
    3. Have metrics to measure success


Once these assets are organized, developers can then proceed to experiment with different marketing campaigns. Developers should continue using campaigns that are most successful in directing users to their apps.

Since there are many ways to advertise, it is incredibly important to test each method before sticking with one campaign. As developers continue developing their app, they will need to set and define a marketing budget to ensure optimum positioning within the app stores.

Various Ways to Market an App

When deciding upon which marketing campaign is best, developers can think of ASO as a general umbrella. This marketing tool serves many functions, but it primarily needs to target an app’s audience. Developers need to monitor user trends and behavior to understand where their app gets the most traffic from, which can be done by tracking and focusing on KPIs specific to their app’s market. KPIs should include app store rankings, organic and loyal user acquisition, cost-per-download, and ASO.

Developers need to explore every marketing avenue available, meaning they can turn to other spaces such as, paid search, websites, or social media. Regardless of which space works best, developers need to make sure that they continue their efforts and update their marketing campaigns depending on what new user trends they are seeing.

Here is the breakdown of the various marketing campaigns:

  1. ASO

ASO is the number one marketing strategy available to developers. It is the process of improving the visibility of an app in the App Store and Google Play Store, and working on optimizing its metadata (app name, description, and creatives).

By targeting the audience with high-volume keywords that are carefully placed throughout the app’s metadata, the app will continue building relevancy for these keywords. These keywords are closely tied to how the audience searches, meaning that the app will quickly become more visible to these users.

  1. Paid Search

Not many developers are taking advantage of paid searches, otherwise known as Search Ads. For those that use Search Ads, it’s important to monitor the clicks from paid search, which contribute to their click through rate (CTR) metrics for organic users. If the paid search campaign performs well, it can result in better keyword rankings and organic traffic.

Since developers can bid to have their app appear more frequently on relevant keywords, it is crucial developers use ASO to ensure their app will appear first for these terms. Developers can use Search Ads strategically to improve their app’s performance in the App Store and become more relevant for high-volume keywords.

  1. Websites

While it is advised to use ASO, some developers understand they need to market their app to every market other than the app stores. Developers can connect with websites to create an online presence that will directly link users to their App Store listing. By connecting with websites, users can confirm the legitimacy of the app, and connect directly with the app’s community through blogs, forums and more.

  1. Social Media & Celebrity Endorsements

Organic and paid search are essential for promoting an app and connecting with its audience. It is important for developers to connect with social media influencers to provide marketing offers to the target audience. This raises brand awareness, builds brand trust, and tests the app’s value.

If users see their favorite social media stars or celebrities using an app, they are more likely to convert and download the app.

  1. Public Relations

Developers should take advantage of every marketing outlet there is. This means developers need to create a good PR presence. They can then focus on press releases, launch parties, media features and guest blogging to market their app.

Other than developing their PR presence, developers can also focus on responding to reviews, which opens an opportunity to flip a negative rating into a positive one. On average, developers that rapidly respond to user reviews have 5-30 percent better conversion than their peers.

Key Takeaways

There is no single strategy for developers to market their app. While it is critical that developers use ASO to ensure their app’s metadata is optimized and geared toward its audience and keywords, it is good to test different marketing strategies to see what works best.

There is no such thing as overkill when it comes to marketing an app. Developers need to optimize their app with ASO, but also need to understand their audience to craft advertisements accordingly.

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