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Voice And The Future Of User Interface

| September 7, 2018

Recently at the Eventful Forum 2017 held in New York City, Co-Founder Bobby Gill and Head of Business Development Zack Drew gave a presentation about voice-driven apps. The Eventful Forum focuses on the technological frontiers of New Consumer Marketing. Zack and Bobby’s presentation analyzed the future of voice-driven interfaces and their implications for businesses. The presentation is below:

Some highlights from the video include:

7:15- Bobby talks about the increase of voice-driven devices in recent years and the success of the Amazon Echo

17:38- Bobby begins to talk about apps and service that use voice-driven interfaces

26:00- Zack begins to talk about the concept of “ideation”

30:16- Bobby analyzes the challenges that come with voice interfaces

39:52- Bobby answers a question about the privacy issues of voice-driven interfaces

51:10- Zack talks about why businesses should care about the future of voice-driven apps

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