Virtual Reality | Internet of Things | Video Streaming

Video Streaming

Whereas previously social networks tended to focus on distributing and sharing photos and text, today’s social networks center around the streaming of user created video feeds with minimal delay and massive scale.  Blue Label Labs has extensive experience in creating scalable mobile video networks that leverage user generated video streams. In 2015, we created Throwstream a social network that lets users create and share video stories with their friends. In 2016, Blue Label partnered with Sploops to launch its mobile app that serves as a streaming video forum for sports fans across the world. Both of these solutions were built on Blue Label Core, our proprietary mobile video streaming platform.

Leveraging cloud technologies such as Amazon’s CloudFront and S3, Blue Label Core enables the easy creation of videos on mobile devices along with lightning fast uploads to the cloud. Furthermore our platform is able to deliver streaming video experiences to users of our apps seamlessly with little delay and at scale.

Internet of Things

From smart beacons to network connected TVs, the Internet of Things is poised to bring the power of smart connectivity to every facet of our daily lives. Blue Label Labs is at the forefront of developing new app experiences that leverage current and upcoming IoT enabled devices. In 2015, we worked with the Bogota International Airport to enable turn-by-turn indoor navigation for visitors to the airport leveraging iBeacon technology.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is the new frontier of mobile computing, one in which Blue Label Labs is committed to being a leader in. From Oculus’ Rift device to Google Cardboard, VR is set to become a mainstream development platform and one which will launch the next generation of apps. Blue Label is committed to the development of its Virtual Reality practice  and is currently creating a set of soon to be released apps built on Google’s Cardboard SDK. We are actively looking for opportunities to further develop our VR capabilities and are very interested in partnering with firms that are looking to bring their VR concepts to life.