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Top 7 Mobile App Predictions For 2017

| December 27, 2016

2017 mobile app predictions are making their way across various industry publications. Like it or not, mobile is a growing force and mobile applications are sure to be a part of your product mix, but just not in the way you expect it.


If you read through much of the trade you will see that the mobile app landscape is changing, but for the better. There is a high demand and greater force that’s pushing us all towards smarter applications that serve a purpose amongst our device mix. Mobile apps will continue to get smarter in 2017 and many say that Artificial Intelligence will be a leading force. Take a read at some of the top predictions that we’ve sourced from around the web. How does this list fair up with your own predictions for mobile apps?


2017 will be the year of AR (Augmented Reality) (via AppLovin)


Many great successes stories point to what will be the growing development around AR. Snapchat and Pokémon Go are two of 2016’s greatest examples of widely used applications in AR, and more applications will be coming down the pipe. Thinking about your app as an immersive environment to bring the end user into an augmented location can help bring consumers closer to your product.

Shopping Experiences will be more immersive due to AR (via Forbes)


Many retailers and stores will find that they will be able to offer greater utility to their shoppers by offering AR features within their app. The mobile shopping experience will be heightened simply by the integration of augmented reality elements that allow a consumer to explore the product further. Simulations that give the consumer the feeling that he or she is inside a physical location will add to the effect.

APIs will emerge as key business drivers in 2017 (via PC MAG)


More developers will be leveraging APIs (application programming interface) to create more efficient apps and platforms. Many apps today utilize APIs and we will see more and more pressure to have seamlessly functional APIs. At times APIs have been metaphorically called “software legos” due to the building-block nature. There are many routes that a developer can go with API’s at their fingertips.

2017 will be the year of smart(er) apps (via VentureBeat)


No longer is it enough to simply have an app just to have a presence. With the rising demand for artificial intelligence integrated into our technology, smarter apps are going to become the norm for anyone creating an app. Voice-enabled applications will be at the top of the list as more and more people are looking for a hands-free way of communicating with and to their devices.

The demand for enterprise mobile apps will continue to surge (via App Developer Magazine)


There’s going to be more demand in the way of enterprises that need to reshape their mobile systems in the years ahead. We’re already in the days of BYOD (bring your own device) where we see more and more employees bringing their own devices to work. Also this brings rise to companies opting for tablets instead of full PCs for individual employees. All of this will bring rise to enterprise apps within organizations.

The rise of hybrid apps (via Solutions Review)


With more and more enterprises looking to build mobile app solutions to run their business processes, more are seeking out hybrid solutions. Hybrid solutions allow for greater flexibility and lower costs. These can be huge benefits to businesses that will look to build out multiple apps concurrently overtime and in scenarios where native apps are not necessarily needed. To learn more about hybrid apps vs native apps, see our FAQs where we answer in greater detail.

Chatbots will be the No. 1 consumer application of Artificial Intelligence in the next five years (via CIO)


It’s been predicted that many messaging platforms and even apps will all be expected to have some sort of chatbot integration in the next few years. Chatbots will even change the way companies communicate with their customers. This will bring us to seeing a rise in chatbots integrated into a company’s backend systems.


What are some of 2017 mobile app predictions that you think are in store for the new year? Let us know!


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