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| May 13, 2021

In our line of business as a digital product agency, the market is saturated with a ton of companies who offer similar services and many of them are quite good at what they do. So, when we’re named by publications like as being among the best of the best, we’re both honored and humbled to be acknowledged.

Recently, the independent review platform,, named us as one of the best mobile app developers in San Francisco. We were picked out from a group of 38 independent companies after a 40-hour assessment from their researchers. Blue Label Labs was “was highlighted among the most effective solutions to create, test, and program apps for mobile phones, tablets, and other mobile devices.”

In addition to this accolade, goes on to name us in several other categories. Blue Label Labs can also be found in other “best categories” such as:

These honors come shortly after the two products we developed for JAXJOX and bopdrop were both featured at this year’s Webby Awards. As such, we’re pretty stoked at the moment from all the recognition we’ve been receiving!

A tip for getting recognized

As a digital product agency, we do so much more than just design and develop an app – we create comprehensive business strategies, market the product, and implement systems for us and our customers to learn as much as possible about customer behavior to ensure products grow according to the audience’s constantly evolving needs.

This means we know a thing or two about getting our name out there as well!

One thing to keep in mind that you’ll need to do some legwork to get your name out there. While it’s great for someone to pick you out of a crowd because your merit outshines everyone else, it’s mostly a fairy tale – this is the business equivalent of two lovers finding each other by some adorable, Hollywood-esque romantic comedy.

Your team should be actively looking for opportunities such as competitions like the Webbys as well as for any medium where you’ll be visibly reviewed or ranked. Don’t worry about making lists on platforms like Wired or TechRadar at first, just focus on getting your name in the hat anywhere it’s relevant. It’s inherently difficult in larger markets like New York or San Francisco but for those coming from less populated locations, using local and regional outlets is a great way to begin developing exposure for a couple of reasons. For a bit more on this matter and other ways to promote your app, check out this blog while you’re here.

Finally, if you’re looking for someone to run the gamut in bringing your idea to the market, get in touch. We can also supplement your team with specific talent so let us know what you’re looking to do!

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