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5 Great Mobile App Industry Tools

Bobby Gill | March 12, 2014

If there is an industry that is rising fast, it is the mobile industry. There are new inventions and innovations every day. There are new brands of phones coming out every week and major modifications and enhancements of existing mobile communication devices. If you are an entrepreneur, you should certainly consider investing some money in this field. If you do it right, you are sure of garnering some high returns and sizeable profits.

One huge sector of this mobile industry is in the making of apps, which is making significant growth due to the birth of apps that can operate on smartphones. There are some people who have invested into the app making industry and built their foundation on solid ground and have reaped the money making whirlwind because of it.

To get you started, here are some tools you must have to make a dent in this industry.

#1: AppsGeyser

This is a tool you must have, especially if dealing with Android oriented apps. This tool is not only genuine and integral for building the app but also for distributing it. It works well and in conjunction with the Google Play store, meaning once you are done making the app, you can submit it to the store and start making cash immediately. It is fabulously beneficial when it comes to creating apps such as Youtube channels, websites, or document programs such as Word or PDF.

#2: Appgvyer

This tool comes with two features that are fantastically and certainly beneficial in app development. The first feature is known as Prototyper that helps in uploading wire frames and defining the action after a click. This comes in handy in communication-oriented apps. The second feature is known as Steroids that helps in making apps that are based on HTML5. These two features work hand in hand to make marvelous mobile applications.

#3: Capriza

This tool requires an add-on from Mozilla Firefox called the Capriza Designer. This is because you do the app making entirely on the browser, thus the need for the add-on. It makes this process smooth since it adapts ideas and formulas from other websites into making your app. You just direct it to the website of your choice, choose what to implement from the website, then Capriza does the rest, without causing you any stress.


If you want to make a complex and comprehensive app, this is for you. is quite simple to implement, even allowing you to have databases and server backends. Despite giving you the whole package when it comes to software development, it is systematic and thus very easy to use and learn. With this, you are sure to do an excellent job on your app making, having a final product that is fine in quality, design, and performance.

#5: Corona Labs

This tool specializes on 2D technology which is critical for making and fabricating gaming applications. Coming with it is many example codes to help and guide you in the coding realm to ensure the program works well and as you want it to work. A salient aspect about Corona labs is: it is one of the cheapest tools on the market.

Bobby Gill
Co-Founder & Chief Architect at BlueLabel | + posts

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