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What Are the Best App Development Companies in the US? We Compared the Top 15

| November 7, 2022

You want to build a product and the idea of agency support is appealing but the question remains: which is the best match for your needs?

We certainly have some bias here but also feel that we’re all better off when we’re as informed as possible on important matters like finding the top digital product agency.

A simplified overview of the best agencies in the US.

Reading about great agencies is great, but let’s cut to the chase.

Here, we have a handy visual you can use to quickly compare top digital product agencies – click the image below or here to get a better view of the full matrix.

As you can see, several meaningful categories differentiate each of us from the others.

In the following sections, we’re going to quickly explain each section’s significance in selecting an agency partner.

Why an agency’s approach matters

The biggest differentiator of an actual digital product agency is that we tackle strategy and execution while handling the design and development processes.

All projects require research, planning, and testing to successfully enter the market as well as for most big steps in a product’s lifecycle – the thoroughness and exact methods for how we accomplish tasks, however, will vary between agencies.

If you get a guy wearing a Henley with a faux-hawk who uses a lot of Post-it notes, then you gotta be on the right path, right? | Source: Austin Distel on Unsplash

Building conscientiously is something we address through what we refer to as the Pre:Sprint, which is specifically designed to ensure that projects align with sustainable development goals. Meeting modern consumer ethical standards allows for responsible development which has been shown to provide a better foundation for a good relationship between users and a business’s digital products.

Starting with an MVP and developing iteratively using feedback gathered from user testing is a fundamental approach taken by most (but not all) agencies. This is because it provides a flexible framework that allows products to thrive in an ever-changing marketplace when leveraged appropriately.

The way most of us accomplish this feat is through data-driven design which provides us with the information we need to make the best possible decisions as well as quickly identify problems.

Feedback from real humans is great but tools like behavioral analytics among other analytic solutions provide insights you won’t otherwise see.

The role of the team & culture working on your digital product

The most pressing challenges we all collectively face as professionals mostly stem from working with the wrong people – trying to get things done with rigid, difficult people can be challenging.

When you work for the Empire and made what you thought was an anonymous report to HR.| Source: www_slon_pics on Pixabay

Creating and maintaining a positive culture is something that takes work which we recognize thanks to over a decade in business as an entirely remote company.

We thrive on lively communication among our diverse workforce as this helps keep our values in sight at all times – having worked with businesses in all industries, from startups to well-established brands, we know creating a new product or overhauling an existing one is as exciting as it is stressful.

Effective communication when both discussing wins and having the occasional hard conversation maintains alignment and keeps expectations realistic.

Challenges are to be expected with any project at any agency; great communication provides clarity to situations and makes the tough parts manageable.

The role of past experiences

When hiring a “good fit” for a role you want to fill, you look for a combination of validating experiences and traits – this is much the same as when you’re seeking an agency partner.

The sections Services & Demonstrated Experiences, Reviews & Social Proof, Companies Served, and Thought Leadership should all speaks for themselves: cumulative positive, past experiences paint a picture of a person or business’s potential performance.

You can download our complete agency comparison by clicking here.

Using tools like internal case studies in conjunction with real testimonials on trusted sites like Clutch should be used to compare different companies alongside other criteria.

It should go without saying but positive experiences that are similar to your idea are usually good indicators that you will have a good experience as well.

And of course, snoop away around social media to see what you find.

How much does it cost?

None of us list price tags because there are several factors that determine the cost to go from an idea to a viable product.

As you can see, it’s a not simple an-app-that-does-x-costs-y kind of calculation.

The biggest value of an agency is the strategy and business support we provide that (hopefully) aligns with your goals.

This is why about half of the agencies in the matrix start with some kind of Design Sprint – you can’t know how a product will perform until you’ve tested it, even if you have the best idea the world has ever known.

The guys as Quibi thought this once and it turned into a billion-dollar “oops.”

And remember how awesome CNN+ was? You know, the app they hired hundreds of people to support then spent suspiciously large amounts of money over the two-month period they drove the platform deep into the cold, cold ground?


The end goal is to create a sustainable investment and the only way to surely deliver this result is by taking the appropriate measures to ensure that the strategy is as well-designed as the product itself.

Find the best agency for your needs

An agency is your best bet to bring a successful product to the market. At Blue Label Labs, we go far beyond design and development to provide strategic services that allow us to build and support sustainable products.

To learn more or to discuss your idea for a digital product, get in touch!

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