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The Appster Checklist: 8 Things You Need To Do Before Building An App

| May 17, 2013

The Appster Checklist: 8 Things You Need to do Before Building an App

In life, many of us need a road map to get anywhere. The same is true for building an app. You might wonder what is required for mobile app development yet it is easier than it seems. To ensure you’re prepared to develop an app that will succeed, you need to take these essential steps first:

Come Up With the Idea 

This is a crucial step to include on a mobile app checklist because there’s already plenty of apps out there. For instance, Google’s app store has greater than two million apps, and Apple’s has nearly two million. You need a new and great idea to ensure your app stands out in the crowd. Sometimes it’s worth considering whether or not we really need an app for something.

Know Your Audience

Defining your audience early will help you make key decisions. These include:  how your app should look, how it should work, what it should do, and how you plan to market it. You might also want to partner with an app development agency that has already created products for consumers who belong to your target audience.

Plan for the Monetization 

Don’t overlook this step in your mobile app checklist! Some people come up with an idea for an app and start working on its development before taking the time to determine how they’ll make money from it. This typically results in long-term failure.

Understand Why Your Mobile App is Valuable

Even the best iPhone app developers or Android development specialists can’t turn a bad idea into a good one. You need to thoroughly understand precisely why someone would find your app valuable. This helps you focus on providing value every step of the way throughout the development and marketing process, instead of getting distracted with building features that may not actually appeal to users.

Come Up With a Name

Coming up with a strong name is a crucial step on your mobile app checklist. Your app’s name will represent an entire brand. Thus, you want to be certain you’ve chosen a name that accurately conveys the feelings you want your app to evoke.

Create an Eye-catching Logo

Your app development checklist should also include setting aside time to make the right logo. Like your app’s name, your logo will communicate the values your brand stands for to your target audience.

Get Feedback 

You don’t need to release the first iteration of your app to a large group of users right away. For example, if you hired on demand mobile app development experts to help you create the next Uber, you might ask them to create a mockup first. You can then share this “early draft” of your app with a small test audience, collecting feedback to determine how you can make improvements.

Build a Full Color Mockup 

After you’ve received feedback on your bare-bones mockup, you can transition to creating a more visually dynamic color version. You might also want to share this next mockup with test users before creating the final version of your app, though.

Yes, knowing what is required for mobile app development can seem challenging if you don’t have much experience in this area. However,  following a basic mobile app checklist will make the process easier. Of course, you also need to seek help from experts when necessary! If you don’t know how to actually build a mobile app, you need to hire a team to turn your vision into a reality.

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