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The 5 Most Futuristic Telescopes on Earth

As we continue our run-up to the release of Orbit Path, our upcoming mobile game set in the empty void of space, we, as humans, can’t stop thinking about our place in this massive universe ecosystem. As we stare up into this dark abyss we call space, wondering about our existence, how far have will we go to seek the unexplainable? Here are the Top 5 most futuristic telescopes being built now on Planet Earth.

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The 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing an App

Nielsen research says that the average smartphone user spends some 30 hours per month on mobile apps. The world is increasingly mobile and mad for practical plug-ins that promise to make life more fun, more functional, and more streamlined than ever before. How is your business taking advantage of the trend? Mobile apps offer a customizable platform that businesses can tweak and touch-up day in and day out, but some missteps can put a major wrench in the works. Here are a few you need to avoid.