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Orbit Path has Launched!

Blue Label Labs has announced the worldwide launch of its latest game Orbit Path on the iTunes app store. Set in deep space, Orbit Path challenges you to navigate a space probe through the labyrinth of planets, stars and other celestial bodies as it explores the galaxy.

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The 5 Most Futuristic Telescopes on Earth

As we continue our run-up to the release of Orbit Path, our upcoming mobile game set in the empty void of space, we, as humans, can’t stop thinking about our place in this massive universe ecosystem. As we stare up into this dark abyss we call space, wondering about our existence, how far have will we go to seek the unexplainable? Here are the Top 5 most futuristic telescopes being built now on Planet Earth.

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Get Started Building Your Game! – App Development Series

If you manage the development of apps and want to get into app games, throw everything your have known about product management out of the window. Seriously.

Games are an entire different breed of beast. It will be a challenging experience to change your approach to developing games. This is the first of a series of posts to help you get started in building your very own mobile app game!